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What Could Possibly Go WR0NG

WR0NG is a small wormhole alliance, no wait … a small sov null alliance … no wait, a small low sec alliance … no wait, a small NPC null sec alliance, no wait … a small sov null alliance…. Again!

We've recently moved with the help of some friends and we're opening recruitment for pilots and corporations!

We offer:

- The worst FCs you've never heard of!

- Terrible advice from over-confident low SP players and bitter vets!

- Merch! Buy that merch!

- #wormholerbtw ! Also, #npcnullseccerbtw ! #makegreatwildlandsgreatagain ! #scaldingpass !

- P.I. I guess?

- Mining or whatever, moons and shit, I dunno.

- Exploration!

- A killboard that resembles a Christmas tree!

- No fucks!

- A few Brits and a French dude… No wait, the French dude left. No wait, he's back … maybe?

- Canadians!

- Americans!

- No lizard people!

- Grr Goons!

- Grr PL!

- Grr NCdot!

- TEST is ok I guess?

- HARDCORE Furry RP alliance!

- Voted “Most Likely to be Evicted” in 2018 and 2019! Two years running!

What we're looking for:

- Heartbeat!

- Discord!

- Mic!

- Skillpoints!

- New bros!

- Laid back bitter vets!

- PVPers!

- Indy players!

- Explorers!

- US and / or EU TZ!

- No minors! Miners are cool, minors are not, only legal adults.

- No bots! Not even a little bit!

No spies! We got a guy who is off his meds and he WILL. CHECK. EVERYTHING. (actually this guy left to go play Star Citizen or something) You'll have to submit to the standard ESI background check. Its pretty typical.

Fuck it, if you are a spy apply anyways, we need the numbers.

Join the in game channel ₩R0NG Recruiting to shit talk us or talk about joining… The W is actually ₩ which is the Korean symbol for Won which is the currency used in South Korea! FUN!!* Also, the 0 is a zero, not and “oh,” also fun!


“Clay Dolf > oi mate

Clay Dolf > why was i kicked ya fat diabetes ridden old retard” – Clay Dolf, 2020

“alexander woodster > are you guys like a gay weeb collective or something?” – alexander woodster, 2020

“ From: Mr Dima

Sent: 2020.05.24 23:41

Hi! It may sound corny, but nothing personal. First thing you did wrong: you were careless, weak and unprotected in dangerous region of EVE - in null security systems. In this state you are tasty. And pirat like me always will catch you. But main your mistake was to believe that alliance What Could Possibly Go Wr0ng can protect you or teach you to live and fight in nullsec regions. A fighting with dead structures - is only activity of this alliance. This activity destroys the ability to fight with most pilots and inspires them with unjustified self-confidence. After that, they often become an easy victim. By feeding them cheap structures, I made them easy prey for strong players. It means inside this alliance you are weaker than out of it. And in the end, people from corporations Octavius Arms Inc. and Wormhole Sterilization Crew are poorly educated and lack dignity. If you whant to be in safe in EVE - change alliance now.

Fly Safe! o7” – Mr. Dima, sent to our newly recruited pilots.



*Disclaimer: This is not, in fact, fun. It’s a pain in the dick. Copy and paste please to get to the recruiting channel. Sorry.

Private: Alliance Members

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