The intention is to allow for coalition members to turn moon rocks, other ores, ice, rat droppings, site loot and PVP loot into cash quickly and easily.

Moon goo mined on alliance moons is required to go through the buyback at the conclusion of the moon belt.

We currently buyback at 85% of jita buy value. Ore is calculated on the value of the refined minerals @70% refine with moon goo having a 10% premium

Buyback is accepted in all Coalition stations in Esoteria that are open to the coalition.

Please do not use copies of this sheet, as pricing will not be updated.

Buyback Process

  • If there's any data and nobody is using the sheet, delete the data in the fields not grayed out.
  • Go to eve and select the items you want to send to buyback.
  • This can also be done in line view, but ensure name and quantity are listed.
  • Copy from eve using Ctrl-C and switch to the sheet and click on cell A3
  • Paste into A3 and review the sheet.
  • Anything highlighted in red is not being looked up correctly. Please review and remove.
  • Once everything is corrected, the total in the upper right in green is your contract amount, no further calculation is required.
  • right click on the selected items in game and choose “Create Contract”
  • Make the contract out to “Wormhole Sterilization Crew” and click “Next” at the bottom
  • Ensure the items are the same as the ones on the sheet and click next again
  • Enter the price on the sheet on the “I will receive” area, expiration is set to at least a week, and put buyback in the description
  • click next and verify that its going to “Wormhole Sterilization Crew”, the amounts and items are correct and its at one of our structures. If everything looks good click Finish
  • Let us know if you have any trouble.
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