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Applying to the "What Could Possibly Go Wrong" (WR0NG) Alliance

Let's face it, there are 1000's of corporations in Eve you could join, so the better question is - why do we believe we have something different to offer you? It's because we put people first, we created an environment for all players of all skills levels to thrive and love to the play the game in a atmosphere of laughter, fun and banter. Our members log in and join in with us because they want to be a part of what we are creating, not because we try to force them to. So it doesn't matter whether you are fed up with mission running, being ganked, endless structure bashing, being fleet pinged, etc we offer all our members content of their choice at a time of their choosing and understand real life comes first. We work hard so that when you log on you have are able to do what you enjoy the most, as an added bonus you get to do it with a great bunch of people who can help you learn, create new friendships and bring actual meaning to logging on again.

  • Here's a cheeky peak at our killboard killboard that resembles a Christmas tree!

Alliance wide benefits - Regardless of the corp you join within WR0NG all get the alliance wide benefits as standard

  • - Content of all types - Mining (including moon), PVE, PVP, Ratting, WH Exploration, Planetary Industry, Industry, small fleets, local roams, large fleets, etc, etc
  • - SRP - ship replacement program for your loses during alliance fleet action
  • - A null sec space to call “home” - after a short while you will realize why we love it so much and defend it with passion.
  • - Low taxes and fees
  • - A environment to laugh, enjoy and thrive in - no-one is going to shout at you, even if you die on fleet ops through silly mistakes, its all part of the experience.
  • - Players with up to 17 years experience willing to advise you on anything you need to know

Coalition - WR0NG is an alliance within the Red Menace Coalition (RMC), a Coalition is a combination of multiple alliances who are blue (friendly) to each other. This means we have a large area of null sec we can use but still have a lot of red (hostile) players left to fight.

Alliance - Multiple Corporations form an alliance, WRONG operates at alliance level. All corps work together and all comms are on discord at alliance level, this means you can text/voice chat within WRONG and to the wider RMC coalition in discord, so there's also someone to chat with if you want.

Corporations - WR0NG has several corps which it accepts new players into, we also accept bigger corps joining too. To join one of our corps we require you to go through the recruitment process which is linked below.

When you get to the recruitment stages covered below, it will ask you to choose which corp you want to apply to. Below the CEO's of each corp have added there 5 isks worth about why you should choose their corp. Bearing in mind, all of our text/voice comms are done in our alliance discord, so corp is just your preference, which ever you are in you will still be actively involved with everyone in all other corps in the alliance.

  • Wormhole Sterilization Crew - This is the largest corp in the WR0NG alliance and is the founding corp based on a group of degenerates that moved out of WH space and settled in null sec, from there WR0NG continues to grow from strength to strength. Lead by a mixture of UK and US players this corp is suitable for all players in all time zones. Fun, laughter and great content is guaranteed no matter if your a ratter, miner, pvper, etc you'll find your new home here.
  • Society of Misfits - Society Of Misfits is exactly what it says on the tin… a group of ridiculous players that extends beyond EVE. We aim to offer the most laid back approach possible as a Corp and Gaming Group with absolutely no requirements or expectations beyond the necessary background checks that the Alliance requires. Want to chill in High Sec? Feel free to. Want to roam Low Sec role playing as Captain Jack Sparrow? I wish you the best of luck. Want to expand your wallet in Null Sec? We can provide you the space and infrastructure to do so. Want to dive wormholes, scan for treasures, get ridiculously rich running incursions and much much more? We proudly and actively support it all
  • the W.O.L.F - Do you want to hunt as part of the wolf pack? ( This is a pvp focused corp with WR0NG with all the other content still on offer. Whether your a gate camper, ganker, cloaky camper, solo or small fleet fighter you'll have great content being part of THE WOLF.
  • SPHINX RISING - Sphinx Rising is a mining, industry and PVE centered corporation that also happens to have an occasional blood lust. We don’t always like murder, but it helps move along the circle of life as what gets built must eventually go boom. We are a laid-back, low drama group looking for new friends to join us in our adventure to build an empire with our alliance partners. We hope to find our place as we move out of the scourge of scarcity into Industry 2.0.

We have a 3 stage process to join us, to make sure you are a fit for us (you can have a physical exam if you want…but we highly recommend against it) and most importantly we are a fit for you. All steps need to be completed, ideally one after the other so we can review your application in full.

1. Take a SEAT, no we don't mean sit down, so please complete a application in SEAT - which is a background check process. This is perfectly safe to use, its a CCP approved API that allows corps to see your capsuleer skills, history, etc (it does not give us any personal or log in details). SEAT is used to ensure your not a spy and are who you say you are, all null sec corps use SEAT.

2. Join our discord server by clicking on this link - - at first you have limited access but this gives you access to the recruitment channel. Here one of our recruiters will have a chat with you in voice chat. (as such a mic is required, at least for initial chat). If you then choose to join you will be asked to complete the next 2 steps, that allows us to process your application.

4. Please fill out an application form, located at

If you've done the above steps, say hello in discord recruitment text chat and a recruiter will chat with you as mentioned above. If the chats all good and the background checks successful then you will receive an invite from your chosen corps, this can take up to 48 hours to get through so please bare with us. After which is worth reviewing the rest of our Wiki for advice - ask any questions you want and start enjoying Eve more!

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